Are You Interested in Trading Services?

There are some amazing local businesses located in the Cleveland area. These wide varieties of local businesses throughout the Northeast Ohio area provide both products and services—from hand-made art to tax return preparation. These businesses can work together and support one another in a unique way by engaging in bartering arrangements. If you found this badge on a local business website, it means they are open to bartering services or products.

What is Bartering?

Bartering is an old-fashioned idea where you exchange goods or services for the goods or services of someone else. There is no money exchange involved.

While the traditional examples are usually for products, services can also be exchanged as well. For example, a tree removal company may remove a tree in exchange for restaurant gift cards. A tax preparation service may also exchange service for a snow removal or lawn maintenance company. A web design company may trade for office space.

Benefits of Bartering

Many smaller businesses in Lake, Geauga and Cuyahoga County, Ohio have limited cash funds while they are getting their feet on the ground. Instead, they can offer their expertise in a particular area. This type of payment is just as valuable as money, if not more valuable.

Bartering arrangements also allow you to build a network within the local community. Local business owners can also recommend you to their clients and vice versa—it really benefits everyone involved, even the community as a whole!

Show that Your Business is Ready to Barter

If your business is available to barter services or goods with other local businesses, you can place the badge below on your website so other businesses or potential customers know that you are open to bartering.

Bartering services helps businesses help other local businesses grow and thrive in the Cleveland. Join us in trading!

Copy and paste this code into your website. That's it!

Please email us and let us know that your business will be joining. A Cleveland area barter directory will be created so you can find partners easier.



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